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Day Care Center in Amherst, NH

Child Day Care Amherst, NH Nellie's Treehouse is an early learning center offering pre-k programs and infant care in Amherst, NH. Our day care center knows that child development is vital for setting the foundation for an enriching and fulfilling life. That's why every single one of our preschool programs, even our part-time child care program, stresses early childhood education. If our child day care sounds like a good fit for you, call today and set up a time to tour our facility.

When you're looking for a child day care center for your child, you want to choose a facility that will put your child's education. At our early learning center, your child will enjoy a stimulating educational environment. In our preschool programs, students learn the fundamental tools they will need for school and life.

Join our stimulating child day care center!

Choosing a caregiver for your child can often be a major source of anxiety for parents. While the most important people in any child's life will be his or her parents, it cannot be denied that the relationship between a child and their caregiver has profound effects on the development of self-image and perspective. That's why you should trust Nellie's Treehouse as your child's early learning center. We pride ourselves on the warm and responsive care that our well-trained and experienced employees provide for the children of Amherst, NH. When you trust your child with us, you can return to the workforce without anxiety, knowing that your child is receiving the absolute best in care and attention that a caregiver can provide.

At Nellie's Treehouse, we understand the challenges parents face today and how hectic life can be. Our primary goal is to provide an environment where your child can grow and achieve. We strive to incorporate your parenting beliefs and work together with you, to encourage child development and help your child thrive as they reach each new milestone.

As our mission, we are committed to providing the highest quality child day care services possible for your children. Nellie's Treehouse goes beyond day care and develops the whole child, while focusing on teaching and learning. It is our belief that children need an environment that stimulates their imagination, fosters independence and socialization and encourages natural curiosity.

We've done our homework, and we know what makes a day care center great. We've created a structured schedule that attends to all major child development needs, guiding your child from physical activity to quiet reading time to social group and individual activities. We also have a meal program, so your child will get snacks to stay nutritious. And our free time makes sure that your child has the chance to express him or herself. That's how we make the difference with early childhood education!

Day Care Center Amherst, NH We offer convenient hours for our child day care & preschool programs.

As one of the best early learning centers in the Amherst, NH, area, the amenities we offer are meant to make things easier for YOU. These include extended hours from 6:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Friday. We know life does not happen on a 9 to 5 schedule very often. Our extended hours give you some breathing room in your schedule.

It's important for a center to be flexible — letting you pick up and drop off your child at different times, for instance — but it should also have clearly established regulations for everything from operating hours to how to handle emergencies included in the tuition.

  • Diapers and Wipes
  • Meals and Snacks
  • Extended Hours
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Coffee to Go

Diapers and wipes are provided through age two; meals and snacks are provided from age 2 and up. They include breakfast, lunch and three snacks each day. All are served with milk, juice or water. The daily menu is packed full of nutritious foods and is designed to help teach the children how to make healthy choices; enrichment programs are designed to encourage curiosity and stimulate their day. We bring in outside programs to enhance the learning in the rooms. From story-tellers to sing-a-longs to small cuddly animals; we started Coffee to Go! Because sometimes, getting everyone out of the house is a challenge. Grab a coffee and some breakfast after you drop off the kids.

Nellie's Treehouse is a quality early learning center.

The Nellie's Treehouse staff is trained in early childhood education, infant care and CPR/First Aid. Our staff combines talent and experience to enthusiastically nurture and educate your children with an exciting, stimulating and developmentally appropriate curriculum. Our educated and well trained staff know what milestones your children should be reaching and create fun and intriguing lesson plans to help them meet those goals. This dedication is what we feel makes our child day care facility one of the premier early learning centers and preschool programs in the area.

We know that deciding on a child care center can be tedious and is a HUGE decision for parents. We want to help you feel confident in your choice and comfortable becoming part of our family. Feel free to request more information about our pre-k programs or schedule a tour of our facility by calling, emailing or filling out the "contact us" form on this page.

Preschool Programs Amherst, NH When you are looking for a caregiver or day care center, you need to make a list of qualities. This helps you decide what early childhood center is right for you. The International Nanny Association (INA) recommends that you interview any prospective hire at least twice and that you conduct a criminal background check, which is usually done by most placement agencies.

Early childhood education is a critical time period for young children. If you are a parent that is at work all day and can't afford a nanny, consider coming to Nellie's Treehouse. Your child will be able to socialize with other children, make friends, and receive important visual stimulation that is necessary for growth. A child absorbs so much at the Pre-K and infant level. Here at Nellie's Treehouse they will be able to learn even more with our help.

If you are looking for a nurturing, loving environment for your child, where they are encouraged to express their ideas through developmental curriculum, please give us a call to schedule a tour of our school. We also offer flexible part-time child care as well.

We serve the children and parents of Amherst, NH.

Products & Services

Our early learning center offers programs to fit any schedule and need. We offer full and part-time plans that allow children from as early as 6 weeks to as old as 5 years participate in our enriching curriculum. We have a meal program and accept state assistance. If you have multiple children, call about our family discounts!

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Nellie's Treehouse

29 Rt 101A
Amherst , NH 03031

If you have a low keyed child this is the perfect environment, if you have an independent spirited child this will not be for them.

Pros: We had one teacher there we absolutely loved and were sad to leave.

Cons: We were there almost a year, until the child started having temper tantrums and she was asked to leave because the staff wasn't trained to deal with it. Then they call in outside sources to get free education for their staff making the family look bad.

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May 10, 2014
By: MrsGriz

Nellie's Treehouse :
Wed Jan 27 14:42:00 EST 2016

Visit us today to learn more about the services that we have to offer.

Child care center:
Wed Jan 27 12:49:00 EST 2016

At our child care center, we prepare children for school by teaching them fundamental skills.

Child care facility:
Wed Jan 13 12:58:00 EST 2016

We offer an environment that not only cares for your child but also plays a role in grooming him/her towards a healthy and bright life ahead. Call us to find out more.

Day care services:
Fri Jan 01 15:55:00 EST 2016

Choosing a caregiver for your child can often be a major source of anxiety for parents. Enroll your child with our day care center!
Thu Dec 17 10:23:00 EST 2015

Browse our weekly menu to see what kinds of hearty meals we serve each day.
Thu Dec 03 18:28:00 EST 2015

Visit the link to learn more about our infant program!

Foundation for a successful life:
Thu Nov 19 15:50:00 EST 2015

Our part-time child care program ensures your child's development and sets the foundation for a successful and enriching life ahead.

Preschool programs:
Mon Nov 02 13:06:00 EST 2015

Make sure your child is ready for kindergarten and beyond. Our preschool programs focus on providing beneficial tools and skills for your child to take into kindergarten.

Healthy learning:
Sun Oct 18 16:56:00 EDT 2015

We promote your child's healthy development by providing a nutritious meal for their good growth. Call us to learn more about our services.

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